Shiraz Masterclass

with La Petite Mort



 Live from 6:30pm, Thursday 27th August

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Coming up, we have a special, live and interactive online Masterclass with our winemakers, Glen Robert and Andrew Scott on the rather quintessential Australian variety: Shiraz. 

The evening will be a chance for you to enhance your knowledge of Shiraz: the history, the grape and what must be considered when making a great Shiraz. Whether it's Syrah vs Shiraz, or a look at all the stylistic differences of Shiraz in the wine regions across Australia, we have all the hot topics covered. The evening will be a thorough and in-depth look at all aspects of this great, ubiquitous variety.

We will be using our very special 3-pack, The Shiraz Trilogy to help us be guided through all things Shiraz. This is a set of three single vineyard Shiraz wines, all picked from the same vineyard exactly three weeks apart...

The Shiraz Trilogy

2015 La Petite Mort Shiraz 'Trilogy' is a trio of three wines made with TIME as the ultimate dictator of fate. These three wines were made to illustrate the consequence of picking times. Each wine was picked from the same vineyard, on three separate occasions, at three week intervals.

The first, 'Terroir', is a delicious, fun and playful wine, good at expressing its sense of place. It is an example of a more European style - some would say more 'Syrah' than 'Shiraz' - we like to say, see for yourself!

The second, 'Tradition', a more conventional Shiraz with more familiar flavours. Picked at a time more in keeping with the style

The third, 'Tardive', a very different wine again. Much richer, as the sugars were higher and the acid lower. It is a wine more reminiscent of the Amarones of Verona.




Don't miss out. Be one of the lucky people to get your hands on this special 3-pack and join us for what will be a very intriguing and intellectually stimulating Shiraz masterclass with the winemakers of La Petite Mort, Glen Robert and Andrew Scott.