6-Pack: Virtual Tasting Pack #1 (WineCult.TV)

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For the very special, promotional price of $180, your Virtual Tasting Pack will include:

- Your ticket to the Virtual Tasting, with details of how to watch the guided tasting videos.

- The six wines we will be tasting with you over the three sessions:

      - 3 x Regulars (the LPM Marsanne 2017, the LPM Tempranillo 'Reserva' 2016 and the LPM Rosé 2017)

      - 3 x Crazies (the LPM Qvevri Saperavi 2019, the LPM Gentil Qvevri 2019, and the Bent Road Botrytis Sauvignon Blanc 2013)


To be sure each wine is devoted the time that it deserves, the tasting will play out in three parts:

Part One:
- The LPM Gentil Qvevri 2019
- The LPM Tempranillo 'Reserva' 2016

Part Two:
- The LPM Marsanne 2017
- The LPM Qvevri Saperavi 2019

Part Three:
- The LPM Rosé 2017
- The Bent Road botrytis Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Videos and more information can be found at WineCu.lt/vt

See you at the virtual tasting!

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